Member of the Central Committee of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Jamil Mizhir, stated on Thursday that the upcoming planned visit of president Mahmoud Abbas to the US will not lead to any positive change as the US is still biased towards Israel, considers it as its strategic ally in the Middle East. Mizhir added that the Unites States regards Israel as the “guardian of the US interests in the Middle East”.

He called on president Abbas to reconsider his policy and stop betting on the US administration and the “fruitless peace negotiations” as they, according to Mizhir, only brought more hostilities, killing, siege and disregard to the Palestinian rights.

Also, Mizhir said that the only alternative is more internal unity and a unified Arabic stance which practices pressure on the US administration in order to adhere to the legitimate Palestinian demands of independence in order to establish a Palestinian state and achieve the legitimate right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

Commenting on the upcoming Arab summit, Mizhir demanded that Arab leadership to take a serious stance to protect the Palestinian people, and to counter the threats against the Arab countries.

He added that Arab countries have powers which, if used correctly, could turn this summit into a success, and stated that the Arab countries must practice pressure on the US administration by obstructing its interests in the Middle East.

Mizhir also welcomed all Arab and Palestinian initiatives that aim at ending internal division and tension among the Palestinians, and reinforce unity. He demanded all Palestinian factions to engage in a comprehensive national dialogue which is based on the National Unity Document and the Cairo Agreement.