U.S Secretary of States, Condoleezza Rice, said Sunday that the U.S would observe implementation on the ground of Israel’s pledge to ease restrictions on Palestinian movement across the West Bank.

During a meeting in Jerusalem with her Israeli counterpart, Tsibi Livni, the U.S secretary told reporters ‘we will be verifying whether they are doing enough and this is all aimed at trying to improve the movement and access of the Palestinian people in the West Bank’.

Rice’s remarks were a part of a three-visit of the secretary to the region, in which she plans to urge both Palestinians and Israelis to take further steps towards implementing the U.S-backed road map peace plan of 2003.

Israeli media sources reported that both sides agreed on Sunday to a series of actual steps meant to pave the way for a final status agreement expected by Washington by the end of 2008.

An Israeli defense minister’s statement, delivered by the minister’s office today, read that Israel would remove 50 roadblocks in the West Bank.

Rice said that General William Fraser, based in Israel currently, will verify the pledge, Israeli media sources reported.