The Local Committee for Planning and Construction at the Jerusalem Municipality approved on Monday a plan to construct 600 homes for Israeli settlers in Pisgat Zeev settlement in Jerusalem. The plan is part of a larger plan approved by Jerusalem mayor, Uri Lupolianski, to construct 40.000 homes for Israeli settlers in the Jerusalem area. Lupolianski previously announced his support to the plan after the government cancelled a project to carry expansions in West Jerusalem. Yet, he approved construction and expansion in settlements in the occupied East Jerusalem, including Pisgat Zeev, Har Homa, and Neveh Yaakov.

The area where the new constructions are to be built was initially planned for industrial constructions and businesses, but the Jerusalem Municipality recently decided to change the plan into a residential neighborhood for settlers.

The Planning and Construction Committee said that the Ministry of Transportation must find a suitable solution for transportation to the new the new area.

On Sunday, Lupolianski stated that after the Israeli Prime Minister announced his government’s intention to resume settlement construction and expansion, the government will not impose any delays for these projects.

The new plan to build the 600 houses needs to be approved by the regional committee, and then the Israeli Housing Ministry will issue construction bids.

The plan is yet another direct violation to the US-backed Road Map Plan and contradicts vows by Ehud Olmert to the US Administration regarding settlement activities in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which was also occupied in 1967 along with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Two weeks ago, Olmert said that Israel would continue the expansion of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem which was considered a direct defiance to the international calls on Israel to cease its settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially as Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are attempting to resume the peace talks under US and international supervision.