On Saturday, the International Solidarity Society for Human rights, issued a report stating that 21 Palestinians were killed in internal conflict during the month of March 2008.

The report stated that, in Gaza five residents were killed  in family fighting or by being shot by unknown gunmen. While three fighters were killed during resistance trainings in the Palestinian coastal region. In the West Bank seven Palestinians were killed during the month of March 2008 due to family fighting and fire from unknown gunmen. Another six Palestinians were reported dead when tunnels on the Gaza/Egypt borders collapsed on top of them.

The Human rights groups highlighted some major internal unrest cases in  Palestinian areas; 1- On March 11th 2008, unknown gunmen attacked the financial secretary of Fatah in the West Bank and stole his money. 2- On March 15th 2008, unknown gunmen destroyed an internet coffee shop in Gaza. 3- on March 16th 2008, unknown gunmen destroyed a restaurant in Gaza city. 4- On March 25th2008, unknown gunmen tried to kidnap Taoufik Abu Jarad, a Palestinian journalist in Gaza.