Female detainee Shereen Mohammad Hasan, from Bethlehem city, voiced an appeal to several human rights groups to intervene for her release in order to receive adequate medical treatment, as she is losing her sight and suffering a kidney disease.Shereen is currently under interrogation in Ha-Sharon Israeli prison. During interrogation, one of the soldiers repeatedly slammed her head against the wall, which caused sharp pain in her eyes and head.

A prison physician who examined Shereen stated that she needs immediate surgery at a specialized hospital, but the prison administration ignored her condition and have continued to detain and interrogate her.

In a letter that was smuggled out from the prison, Shereen said that she is concerned that she might lose sight in her left eye, after she already lost sight in her right eye.

She added that she is suffering from a kidney disease, in addition to being in constant, severe pain.

Shereen voiced an appeal to several human rights groups to intervene and place pressure on the Israeli prison Administration to allow her to receive surgery at a specialized hospital.

She added that she should, at least, be examined by ordinary physicians sent by human rights groups in order to determine the needed medical treatment.

On Sunday, Shereen was sentenced to 45 months imprisonment. In spite of her medical condition, she was sent to the Ofer Israeli military court where she received her sentence for “resisting the occupation”.

Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) stated that the Israeli prosecution violated an agreement achieved with him. Under the terms of the agreement, Shereen was supposed to be setenced to two years.