The Israeli High Court of Justice decided to evacuate an illegal settlement outpost which was constructed by the settlers on a privately owned Palestinian land in Al Khader town, west of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, the Palestine News Network (PNN) reported.The land belongs to resident Moneer Mousa, and is located in Khallit Al Thahir area, close to Daniel Israeli settlement, PNN added.

Mousa stated that he received a copy of the court ruling which instructs the Israeli police to evacuate the illegal outpost which includes one home that was constructed on the illegally annexed 14 Dunam land.

The outpost is located on a hill which overlooks at several surrounding areas. The settlers constructed the home nearly three weeks ago.

Mousa added that this land belongs to his father and his grandfather before him, and that he has official documents proving his ownership of this land.

He filed the appeal to the High Court through an Israeli peace activist of the Israeli Peace Now Movement.

The activist is Hagit Ofran, and is a member of the Settlement Monitoring Team at the movement.

After the appeal was filed, it was revealed that one of the leaders of the Mifdal religious party in Israel was encouraging and supporting the settlers to construct the outpost.