Member of Hamas party’s political bureau in Damascus, Muhammad Nazzal, said that a Hamas-Fatah reconciliation is unlikely, despite agreement in Yemen last month to end differences.

Nazzal, who was speaking to’s Arabic version, cited American-Israeli pressure on Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, asserting that such pressure prevents breakthrough of a direct dialogue between the two parties.

As for any upcoming presidential elections, Hamas will be taking part, the Hamas’ leader made clear.

Asked whether his party receives logistic support from Syria or Iran, Nazzal denied that Hamas gets such a support, said to be helping the party upgrades its homemade shells.

In addition, he reiterated Hamas’s refusal to recognize Israel, even a Palestinian state is created on Palestinian lands within the 1967’s border lines and that Hamas will keep up resisting the Israeli occupation.

Hamas and Fatah sparked a power struggle after December2006, when President Abbas called for early presidential and legislative elections to end an internationally-enforced economic embargo.

Since taking power after January2006’s legislative elections, the Islamist Hamas party has been sidelined by western governments, United States and Israel, given Hamas’s opposition to peace talks with Israel until Israel halts actions on the Palestinian people.