Israeli soldiers broke on Thursday morning into the Al Hoda Market, Al Qaisy residential building and Al Taqwa tailor shop which belong to the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank.The Islamic Charitable Society was the scene of frequent army attacks as the Israeli Authorities in threatening to shut it down and confiscate its properties.

Owners of several shops in Al Hoda Market stated that several army vehicles invaded the area in the center of Hebron, then the soldiers used load speakers demanding the owners to evacuate their shops by Sunday.

Soldiers also broke into several shops and houses in addition to a bakery and demanded the residents to evacuate these buildings before Sunday.

Furthermore, troops broke into the Al Taqwa tailor shop, detained the workers and took pictures of its machines and tool.

The attacked buildings that the army demands the residents to evacuate,  belong to the Islamic Charitable Society. The Israeli Authorities issued an order last month to confiscate the properties of the Society and to shut it down under the pretext that “sponsors terrorism”.  

The facilities which will be shut down if the order is implemented include schools, kindergartens, orphans homes which houses nearly 4000 orphans, stores, apartments, and bakeries.

The Popular Committee for Aiding the Orphans slams the Israeli order and stated that it will have disastrous effects and consequences.