Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesperson for the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, denied on Tuesday media reports that were published by the Al Ahram Egyptian daily newspaper which claimed that Hamas is planning to breech the borders with Egypt.The paper added that Hamas is also planning to deploy mortar launchers along the Egyptian-Palestinian borders,and is also planning to detonate sections of the border wall between Gaza and Egypt.

Abu Zuhri described these reports as sheer fabrication and part of a media campaign led by some official newspapers against Hamas and the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip while Israel continues its attacks and blockade against the Palestinians.

He added that a third Intifada is likely to occur if the blockade is not lifted, and held the Israeli occupation responsible for the siege noting that Hamas movement will not accept the continuation of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and will take the decision and choose the time to end it.

Abu Zuhri affirmed that the people in Gaza are moving towards the ‘zero point’; of this siege.

Last January hundreds of thousands of Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip broke through the borders with Egypt in protest of the ongoing siege, and in order to acquire basic supplies of fuel, foods and medications which had run out. Patients are dying in Gaza hospitals after these medical facilities ran out of the basic supplies.

The Israeli siege on Gaza was intensified after Hama took over the Gaza Strip, all border crossing were shut down and international humanitarian aid was barred from reaching the area.