During pre dawn invasions targeting several cities and towns in the West Bank, the Israeli army kidnapped at least 13 Palestinians civilians on Wednesday.

Eight were kidnapped during an army attack in the villages of Dura and Al Majd near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Local sources said that troops stormed the two villages, searched and ransacked homes, and then kidnapped eight men and took them to unknown detention facilities. Among those kidnapped today were; Basheer Suliman, Taysseer Amro, Fadi Al Shahateet, and Isma’el Amro.

The Palestinian prisoners society in the city of Hebron reported that, including those kidnapped by the army today, the number of Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli army from the Hebron district since the beginning of 2008 has now reached 382.

Moreover, three civilians were kidnapped on Wednesday from the northern west Bank city of Nablus.

Local sources in Nablus said that Israeli armored vehicles and troops entered the village from several directions and conducted house-to-house searches in the city and the nearby Balata refugee camp.

Two youth, Ranyiah Abu Khalifa, 28, Iyhab Gughlass, 32, Abed-Alraheem Aqrup, 16 were kidnapped by the army today in Nablus, local sources reported.

Israeli army sources said that Palestinian resistance fighters from Nablus clashed with the invading forces and hurled a home-made bomb at those forces, no damage or injuries were reported.

Omar Yousif, 18, Salam Bassalat, 18, from the village of Hajjah, located near Qalqlia city in the northern part of the West Bank, were kidnapped by the army on Wednesday when troops attacked and searched a number of homes there.