Head of the Palestinian Negotiations Team, Ahmad Qorea’ (Abu Ala’), stated on Tuesday that peace talks with Israel will set facts on the ground, and added that the ongoing Israeli attacks are a blow to all international and regional efforts to achieve peace.”“We know our rights”, Qorea’ stated “We will fight for them in all means.

He also said that the Palestinian leadership totally rejects the Israeli statements regarding not fully withdrawing from the occupied territories captured by Israel in 1967.

He also slammed the Israeli attack which was carried out on Monday in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, in which seven civilians, including a mother and her four children, were killed.

The Maan News Agency quoted Abu Ala’ stating that “the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, the ongoing construction of settlements and the Annexation Wall, will not lead to peace and stability in the region”.

The statements of Abu Ala’ came after he separately met with the Quartet envoy, Tony Blair, the secretary-general of the National Democratic Party in Germany, Herzl Heel, and the accompanying delegates.

The meetings took place at Qorea’s office in Abu Dis, in East Jerusalem on Tuesday morning.

Abu Ala’ demanded Blair to ensure an effective involvement of the Quartet in order to stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

He added that these attacks are being carried out while Israel is ongoing with the construction of the illegal settlements and the Wall, especially in the Jerusalem area which limits the possibilities of a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

Qorea’ also told Blair that Israel did not fulfill its obligations which it vowed to implement during the Annapolis Peace Summit which was held six months ago.

In his meeting with the German delegates, Qorea also slammed that Israeli attack in Beit Hanoun and called on the German government to intervene and practice pressure on Israel in order to fulfill its obligations and stop its attacks.