The Hamas-dominated government in Gaza hailed on Wednesday the Palestinian factions’ agreement to the ceasefire proposal, Hamas had submitted to Egyptian mediators last week.
In a statement, faxed to press, the government of prime minister, Ismail Haniya, said the agreement by factions today in Cairo comes on top of Egyptian efforts to bridge the gap between the various affiliations regarding the ceasefire offer.

The statement turned the ball into Israel’s court, urging the international community to pressure the Israeli government in order to end underway hostilities as well as the Palestinian people’s suffering.

Media reports said today that representatives of the various Palestinian factions in Gaza had a consensus on the Hamas’s ceasefire initiative, with the reservation of the Islamic Jihad group, the popular front for the liberation of Palestine and the democratic front for the liberation of Palestine.

The said three parties said the ceasefire initiative doesn’t involve the West Bank, saying they want it a comprehensive and mutual. However, they maintained they would not object to the national Palestinian consensus.

Last Thursday, the ruling Hamas party submitted to Cairo its vision for a ceasefire with Israel that honors a six-month period of calm, in which Hamas would ensure halt all forms of Palestinian attacks on Israel, in return, the Israeli army would cease all attacks on Gaza including lifting the current blockade.

Last Friday the Israeli government rejected the offer, saying Hamas attempts to ‘rearm and reorganize after recent fighting with the Israeli army in Gaza’.

Early this week, the Israeli tanks rolled into northern Gaza, killing a mother and her four children inside their house, as Palestinian resistance factions were reportedly fired a number of homemade shells onto adjacent Israeli areas on Wednesday.