Monqith Abu Roomy, director of the Media Office at the Asrana (Our detainees) Center, stated that he was contacted by two detainees who informed him of torture and abuse during interrogation at the Al Maskobiyya Israeli detention center in Jerusalem.The two detainees, Hasan Omar Al Arameen, and Dirgham Omar Al Arameen, stated that interrogators at the interrogation facility were very harsh in dealing with them, tortured them, practiced psychological pressures on them by threatening to harm them in different ways, and continuously insulted them.

They added that  the Israeli interrogators also had with them Arab interrogators, apparently from Jerusalem, who also threatened to harm them and violated their rights.

The two detainees said that they have the names of the Arab interrogators but opted not to reveal their names as they intend to file a complaint to the Israeli High Court of Justice in order to object against using Arabs while interrogating Arab and Palestinian detainees.

Hasan and Dirgham were kidnapped by the army more than 40 days ago; they spent the whole period under interrogation, torture and abuse and were released on Wednesday after they were ordered to pay 10.000 each in bail.

They will be called again for questioning at a later stage, and if they fail to report to the interrogation facility in time, the amount will be confiscated for six months.