Israeli weekly newspaper Kol Zaman published a report on Friday stating that Israeli soldiers, members of the Border Guards Unit” used their mobile phones to record their violations and abuse against Palestinians civilians at roadblocks in the occupied West Bank.The paper reported that the soldiers were playing games with their weapons and abusing the residents who were trying to cross roadblocks.

Soldiers also filmed each other abusing the residents.

The newspaper published a videotape documenting soldiers who detained three Palestinians at a roadblock and then tormented and abused them.

Soldiers ordered the three residents to stand at attention, and then told them “very good, now you are standing well”. Later on, soldiers ordered the three residents to imitate a Palestinian child known as Habib Al Latif who became famous on You Tube.

Soldiers also ordered the three men to sing a song in support of the Border Guard Units.

 The newspaper also published another video showing soldiers imitating “Doom” video game when they one of them used his M-16 rifle in chasing his colleagues and pretended to shoot them, and they played along by falling one after the other until he “ran out of ammunition” then  pretended to attack them with the rifle-but.

A spokesperson of the Israeli Border Guards Units said that this is a serious issue as the soldiers are using their weapons in playing games.

He added that the released video-taped will be examined and that an action will be taken accordingly.