The leftist Popular Front for the Liberation (PFLP), warned on Wednesday of what it termed ‘ Gaza’s cantons’, a reminder of the Nazi regime in mid 20th centaury.

In a statement, faxed to press, member of the PFLP’s central committee, Hussein Aljamal, warned of the rise of commodities monopoly by some Gaza merchants in a time the Strip lives a strangulating siege, Israel has imposed almost one year ago.

‘ hunting down on such merchants is not less important than fighting the Israeli occupation army in Gaza. The Hamas-dominated regime in Gaza is demanded to uncover those involved and bring them to justice as soon as possible’, the statement read.

Aljamal also called on the ruling Hamas government to undertake its responsibilities towards the phenomenon of goods monopoly, urging more social integrity and solidarity among the Palestinian people over there.

He also called on all Gaza-based national and Islamic factions to contain such growing concerns before a major explosion occurs.

The said appeal comes in the backdrop of a crippling Israeli siege, the coastal enclave has been living over the past 11 months, since the Islamist Hamas party has seized control of the region, home to 1.5 million residents.

Recently, thousands of tons of cooking gas have been made very scarce due to Israeli closure of the Nahal Auz fuel terminal in eastern Gaza, following a cross-border attack on the terminal four weeks ago.