Spokesman of the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Ahmad Abdelrahman, asserted yesterday that Israel has been blocking any concrete results of the political process by constructing new more settlements on the ground.

‘ I can not judge that a Palestinian state, with east Jerusalem ad its capital, would be born by the end of this year, however, realization of a Palestinian state is an inventible issue’. Abdelrahman said.

He stressed that Israel is going against history and that the Palestinian people are determined to create their own Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

‘ Israel must withdraw from all the lands it occupied in 1967, including east Jerusalem as the illusions of settlement can not achieve any peace or security for Israel’, he made clear.

He called on Israel to take a historical decision by withdrawing from the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian-Israeli peace process has been stalled since last November, when Washington revived these talks following more than 7 years of deadlock.