The US Embassy in Jerusalem issued a press release stating they US President George W. Bush, announced on Thursday that he is designating an official presidential delegation to the West Bank city of Bethlehem, in order to participate in the May 21 0 May 23, 2008, investment conference.  The delegation will be headed by Robert M. Kimmitt, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Treasury.  

 Other members of the delegation as published by the US Embassy are;  

Robert Mosbacher, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Larry W. Walther, Director, U.S. Trade and Development Agency, Walter Isaacson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aspen Institute Chair, U.S.-Palestinian Partnership.

Also, Dr. Ziad Al Asali, Ziad Asali, President & Founder, American Task Force on Palestine Co-Chair, U.S.-Palestinian Partnership, will be attending the conference, the embassy added.

The Palestinians hope that the conference will help in easing trade in the Palestinian territories and encourage investments in the area.

Nearly 90 Palestinian companies and institutions are expected to participate in a gallery which will be at the conference in order to enable them present their goods to the participants of the conference.

Palestinian products, including olive oil and other agricultural products, cannot find their way to international markets due to the Israeli restrictions and control over all aspects of the Palestinian life.  

Some of the products which will be presented at the conference are electronic, while other companies such as trade and tourism companies in addition to banks and financial facilities will present their services.

Smaller companies and women societies will also take part of the conference. The conference will also include presentations by Palestinian artists and poets.