Israeli military sources reported on Monday at night that soldiers shot and killed one Palestinian youth at the Huwwra military roadblock, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Soldiers claimed that the youth carried explosives.The sources stated that a 20-year old youth approached the military checkpoint “while acting suspiciously while pacing back and forth”, as reported by Israeli online daily, Haaretz.

Haaretz also said that soldiers ordered the youth to identify himself and noticed that he was apparently handing an object, which according to the army, appeared to be an explosive device secured to his body.

According to the army narrative, soldiers shot and killed the youth after he failed to stop when ordered to do so.  

Eyewitnesses reported that the youth was repeatedly shot to several parts of his body before the soldiers sealed the roadblock.

Haaretz reported that a probe conducted by the army revealed that the youth carried three pipe bombs which were safely detonated by army sappers later on.   Israeli online daily Ynetnews reported that that the incident took place around 7 pm, and that the youth was “walking towards the roadblock in a suspicious manner with wired protruding from underneath his clothes”.