Palestinian sources in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, reported on Tuesday that Israeli soldiers abused and tortured for three hours a Palestinian youth as he was working in a hothouse.The sources added that as Abdul-Rahman Al Arameen, 19, from Sa’ir town, near Hebron, was working in a hothouse when he was attacked by soldiers, who without ant cause of provocation, attacked him and started beating him.

One of the soldiers grabbed Al Arameen from his eight leg and dragged him for a long distance while other soldiers were beating and kicking him.

After three hours of abuse and humiliation, soldiers left the area leaving the youth soaking in his own blood.  

Mongith Abu Roomy, head of the Media Office of Asrana (Our Detainees) Center, slammed the attack and voiced an appeal to international and human rights groups to intervene and stop the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.