The Islamic Jihad group said it has uncovered a network of collaborators with Israel, made up of seven persons, in the southern parts of Gaza Strip.

In a statement, faxed to press, the group added that the seven collaborators have been involved in collaboration with the Israeli occupation authorities since mid 90s of the past centaury and that they have confessed to helping the Israeli army target a number of resistance leaders.

Among those targeted by the help of those collaborators, were the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, Jamal Abu Samhadana in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah as well as Mohammad Ashaikh Khalil, leader of the Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, in the same city.

The statement confirmed that the group intends to extradite the suspected collaborators to the ruling Hamas government in Gaza, after having completed investigations with them.

Up to this moment, Israel continues to target leaders of the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza and the West Bank, either by air strikes or ground offensives.

Since 1967, the Israeli intelligence services have been recruiting local residents from Gaza Strip and West Bank. Israel occupied these territories in 1967 and disengaged unilaterally from Gaza in September2005.