Two Palestinian fighters have been reportedly killed and nine others wounded on Wednesday, in two Israeli air strikes and a ground invasion into separate Gaza areas.

Palestinian medical sources said that Osama Alghewaiti,33 and Abdelrazeq Mo'amar, 21, were killed and four others injured, all were admitted to the Abu Yousef Alnajjar hospital in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah.

Witnesses said that an Israeli air strike hit the Rafah city today morning , leaving one man killed. Witnesses added that one more Israeli air strike targeted a second Palestinian man in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis.

In separate statements, faxed to press, the Qassam Brigades of the ruling Hamas party and the Islamic Jihad group, have both announced the death of their fighters during the Israeli air raids on Wednesday morning.

The Islamic Jihad's statement, read that the Israeli air strike on Khan Younis city killed the group's fighter and wounded five others, and that all causalities were all evacuated to the Gaza-European hospital near Khan Younis.

Earlier in the day, an Israeli ground force attacked the Zaitoun neighborhood, to the east of Gaza city, as armed clashes erupted between local resistance fighters and the invading army force. Israeli media sources calimed an Israeli soldier was slightly wounded during the said clashes.