The Spokesman of the Palestinian President office, Nabel Abu Roudinah told reporters on Wednesday that the charges of corruption against the Israeli Primer Ehod Olmert are an internal Israeli matter.

Abu Roudinah also said that as fare as the Palestinians are concerned, they want an Israeli Primer who is committed to the peace talks, the Palestinian official added that this charges will negatively affect the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

In the latest developments on Olmert case; Ehud Barak the Israeli Defense Minister on Wednesday asked Olmert in a press conference to leave his post or prepare for early elections. Barak said that he do not believe that Olmert could run the government and in the same time deal with the corruption case.

Barak stament comes just one day after the key witnesses in the corruption case the Jewish American millionaire Morris told a preliminary hearing the Israeli at Court that has given Premier Olmert $150,000 over a period of 15 years.

Talansky testimony is part of a two months long investigation into Olmert, over suspicions of illegally receiving thousands of dollars from Talansky.