One of the lawyers of the Nafha Society for Defending Human Rights and Detainees Rights managed to visit detainee Zuheir Lubbada, 54, who is currently at the Al Ramla Prison Hospital and suffering from kidney failure in addition to several other health issues.The lawyer stated that Lubbada is in a critical health condition as he was kidnapped by the Israeli army on May 25, 2008, and was interrogated and tortured before he was moved to the Al Ramla Prison Hospital which lacks the basic equipment.

Lubbada also suffering from a virus in his liver and his only medication is painkiller pills. He was kidnapped the first time in 1994 and spent two years in prison before he was released to be kidnapped against in 2008.

The Nafha Society voiced an appeal to the Red Cross and several human rights groups to intervene and save the life of Lubbada in order to enable him perform a kidney transplant abroad, especially since his son Rasheed, 18, is a suitable donor who is willing to donate one of his kidneys to his father.