Rami Abdo, spokesperson of the Popular Committee Against the Siege stated that the Israeli occupation is committing crimes against the children in the Gaza Strip, as a large number of children were killing during Israeli shelling against Gaza in addition to 54 children who died due to the ongoing siege.Abdo added that one-third of the patients in the Gaza Strip who are barred from receiving medial treatment elsewhere are children below the age of 15.

He also stated that since the middle of January this year, there was a sharp shortage in materials needed for the children, including medications and food, and added that four infants died over the last three days.

The Palestinian Child Rights Association stated that more than 1000 children were killed by Israeli military fire since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in late September 2000; 640 of them are from Gaza.

Also, there are currently 344 children, males and females, imprisoned by Israel.

Abdo added that 70% of the children in Gaza are suffering from anemia or psychological issues due to the ongoing Israeli violations which include invasions and shelling to civilian neighborhoods.