Family of detainee Naseem Qarqary, from Salem Village near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, voiced an appeal to save the life of their son, imprisoned by Israel and suffering from ongoing headache and dizziness often followed with unconsciousness in addition to a heart condition.

The family stated that their son is currently staying at a prison clinic which lacks the basic medical equipment.

Qarqary is also suffering from weakness in his heart muscles which is causing chest pain.

The 37-year old man, a father to five children, was sentenced to 13 years. His brother, Yassin, is also imprisoned by Israel after being sentenced to 17 years.  

Yassin was shot and wounded before he was kidnapped by the army. He underwent several surgeries but his condition is gradually deteriorating.

The Israeli Prison Administration refused to allow the two brothers to be in the same detention facility in spite of intervention by several human rights groups.  

The administration is repeatedly transferring the brothers to different detention facilities, which is causing further destabilization in their health condition.