Arab member of Knesset, Mohammad Baraka, sent on Wednesday a letter to the Israeli Internal Security Minister, Avian Dichter, demanding him to improve the living conditions of the Palestinian political female detainees imprisoned by Israel in Ha-Sharon detention facility.

The letter of Baraka came after he received a letter signed by detainee Dua’ Al Jayyousi, on behalf of female detainees in Ha-Sharon, informing him of some of the suffering they are facing.

Dua’ said in her letter that the detainees are not receiving proper medical attention, and that the prison administration is violating their rights and ignoring their medical needs.

Baraka forwarded the letter to Dichter and demanded him to take action.

According to the letter, detainee Woroud Qassem, from Al Teera town, stated that she is suffering from high blood pressure although she is only 22 years old, and spends most of her time in bed since she cannot move without being dizzy but is not receiving any medical attention.

Also, detainee Amal Jom’a, is suffering from reoccurring bleeding and need immediate intervention. Detainee Amal Ghazzawi is suffering from arthritis which is barring her from walking.

Medical negligence practiced by the administration against the detainees is worsening their medical conditions.

Mohammad Baraka demanded to be allowed to visit the detention facility along with a medical crew in order to conduct the needed checkups and provide the detainees with the needed medical attention and medications.

There are approximately 1000 detainees who suffer from bad health conditions, some of them have chronic diseases, other have cancer , kidney issues and other conditions that require thorough medical attention and treatment.

Approximately 200 detainees died in Israel prisons due to medical negligence and torture.