An Israeli army force invaded early on Thursday morning the southeastern Gaza town of Abbassan Alsagheira, under a barrage of heavy gun fire.
Witnesses said that a number of Israeli tanks rolled into the Abbassan Alsagheira town, to the east of Khan Younis city in southern Gaza Strip.

Witnesses added that the tanks advanced few hundred meters depth into locals’ farm lands in the area, as Israeli warplanes were hovering overheads.

Bulldozers, accompanying the invading force, began razing some of the farm lands, firing rounds of heavy live ammunition towards houses, the witnesses explained.

Meanwhile, the armed wing of the ruling Hamas party, Ezzieldin Alqassam Brigades, decared that the brigades’ fighters fired a number of mortar shells towards the Israeli army force, to prevent further invasion into the Palestinain territory.

No further details were reported.