The Israeli army opened fire at a group of Palestinian gunmen killing one and injuring two in the old part of the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday.

Security sources told IMEMC that armed clashes took place between armed men from two Palestinian rival families, Al Rajabi and Al Ajloni, on Thursday, in the old part of Hebron city near an Israeli illegal settlement.

The sources added that Israeli troops from a nearby military tower opened fire at a group of armed men from Al Rajabi family, three were injured, one critical.

Medics said that 22-year-old Adham Al Rajabi died before reaching the hospital due to the wounds he sustained; doctors said that Al Rajabi sustained deadly wounds in his chest.

Israeli army sources said that its troops opened fire at a group of armed men near the settlement; soldiers confirmed that their fire was aimed at killing those men and not stopping the fight.

On Wednesday a 13 year old Palestinian child was killed when similar clashes took place between the rival Al Rajabi and Al Ajloni families in Hebron.