The family of Mohammad Athba, a Palestinian reporter and a cameraman, called on the Palestinian Journalists Union to intervene for the release of their son from a Palestinian prison as he is still detained at a Palestinian prison and still under interrogation since more than one month. The family called on human rights groups, political and legal institutions and media facilities to intervene for the release of their son who works as a cameraman with the Associated Press.

Athba was arrested by the Palestinian Security services in the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia on May 10.

The family stated that it is surprised by the silence of the Journalists Union in the West Bank.

The family added that their son is now at a local hospital as he suffered from a heart attack during interrogations and that his mother is also hospitalized due to a sharp deterioration of her health condition.  

The Athba family questioned the legality of the continued detention of their son who does not face any charges and held the Palestinian Authority responsible for any further harm to their son.