Israeli military invaded the city of Nablus and two nearby villages Tuesday morning and took prisoner six Palestinians including a man and his wife.In the city of Nablus, troops kidnapped four Palestinians.  Eyewitnesses reported that troops broke into the home of Ziad Dawaya and kidnapped him, his wife Maysoun Qaddumi and his brother Ayman, and kidnapped also Sami Abu Baker.Meanwhile, the Israeli military invaded the village of Asseera Al-Shamaliya and kidnapped two Palestinians identified as, Ihab Al-Shouli and Mohammad al-Bourini son of lawmaker Husni Al-Bourini. Eyewitnesses also reported that paratroopers invaded the nearby village of Beit Furik and blocked the mainroad connecting the vilage with Nablus city.Unconfirmed reports state that troops are invading homes of the villagers.  No further detailes are available as of writing this report.