The Hamas-run interior ministry in Gaza ordered a deployment of of security and police forces near Gaza-Israeli border crossings on Sunday. In a statement, delivered to the press by the ministry, interior minister, Said Siyam of Hamas, ordered a crackdown on all those 'involved in messing with the interests of the Palestinian people'. According to the ministry's order, scores of national security personnel and police members will be deployed to the vicinities of Gaza's crossings, which border Israel, in order to maintain calm for the flow of goods and commodities. Israel decided on Sunday to allow increased shipments of goods and commodities, mainly food items and medicines into Gaza, after Israel and Palestinians agreed last Thursday to an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire. Last night unknown assailants rubbed a cement factory in eastern Gaza, apparently exploiting calm on border areas, the interior ministry statement explained. Last Thursday, Israel and Palestinians began implementing an Egyptian-mediated truce deal, which stipulates halting the firing of homemade shells onto nearby Israeli towns for the gradual reopening of Gaza's crossings, closed since June of 2007.