The Islamic Resistance Movement, (Hamas) published Monday evening a letter from the captured Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip Gilad Shalit to his parents.The letter, which was claimed to be written by Shalit himself, can be a sign that he is still alive.  Shalit's family refused to publish the letter, however, media sources close to Hamas published the letter on the internet.The letter reads:“Dear Mom and Dad, my dear Family, I miss you so much, it has been two years since we became apart, and I was forced to live in captivity. I still suffer physical and psychological problems, and I am so depressed.  This became part of my daily life.  as I wrote you in my previous letter, I hope that your physical and psychological health did not deteriorate since I was forced to live away from you. I am still dreaming of the day when I will be released and look forward to seeing you again.  I hope this will be some day soon, however, I know that it is not your call, and nor is it mine.   I hope the government of Israel will continue with my release negotiations and I hope that they stop putting all their efforts on releasing the soldiers captured in Lebanon.” Shalit was captured on June 25, 2006 in a military operation carried out by Palestinian resistance groups at an Israeli military base near Karm Abu Salem.  Israel and Hamas have been negotiating his release without any progress.  Hamas leadership demands that Palestinians who are sentenced to life terms be released and Israel refuses despite Egyptian mediation. On Thursday, Hamas and Israel reached a verbal truce agreement despite some Israeli official statements that any truce that does not include Shalit's release is not applicable.There have been a number of Israeli violations of the truce in the Gaza Strip since it went into effect.