The French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived at the Presidential Compound in Bethlehem city located in the southern part of the West Bank on Tuesday midday.

Sarkozy was greeted by President Mahmoud Abbas. After the military band played both the French and the Palestinian national anthems, both presidents started their talk in the Presidential Compound in Bethlehem.

Just before the joint press conference both Presidents singed a agreement in which France will finance a new industrial zone in Bethlehem.

President Sarkozy started the press conference by saying that the only way that Israel can have security is by creating’ viable, modern and democratic Palestinian state.’

He added that Palestinians should renounce violence, in the same time the French President slammed the Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and said that its should be stopped, ‘ including east Jerusalem.’

He concluded by saying that ‘France see Abbas as a man of peace.’

In his turn President Abbas welcomed Sarkozy, he continued to say that Palestinians demands are based on the international resolutions’ nothing more nothing less.’

Abbas added that he will continue the negotiations with the Israel in order to achieve ‘Peace and joint future.’

Later both Presidents left the Palestinian Authority compound for a quick visit to Church of Nativity.