During a military operation targeting the village of Beit Omer located near the southern West Bank city of Hebron the Israeli army killed a Palestinian boy and kidnapped nine other civilians on Friday night.

Witnesses told IMEMC that military jeeps stormed the village on Friday afternoon then searched homes. During the search troops kidnapped nine, men among them was a 70 year old man.

The operation lasted until 9:00 in the evening, Mohamed Awwad, a local journalist said. He added that soldiers then started to move out and took positions at the village entrance. Awwad told IMEMC that a military jeep stormed the village again and then fired sound bombs and tear gas at the villagers.

Mohmaed Al Allami, 17 years old, was painting his house, he went to see what was happing outside his family’s home, where Israeli soldiers shot him three times in the heart, Awwad added.

Al Allami then was carried to Awwad’s car, soldiers opened fire at the car nearly destroying it, Awwad said that the boy was dead before they reached the hospital in the nearby Hebron city.

Mohamed Awwad, is a free lance journalists for Palestinian newspapers, he said that the boy was helping his dad to prepare the house for his sister’s graduation party from high school.

Israeli media sources reported on Saturday that Al Allami was throwing stones at the invading troops; Awwad said that the boy had fresh paint on his clothes and that no one attacked the soldiers when they invaded the village of Beit Omer.