Israeli troops wounded three civilians during separate attacks on different places in Hebron city located in the south of the West BankSecurity sources reported that an unknown worker was bruised and left heavily bleeding while the Isreali forces chased him on his way to work in Bier Sheva.  Sources also stated that Mojahed Abu Jahsheh was severely wounded in the head after to a car crash between the car he was driving and an Israeli military vehicle. The car crash took place on the road that joins between the viallge of Idna and Deir Samat. The Israeli troops positioned near the check point of Taramah village, south west of Hebron, assaulted the civilian Osama Gahanam and left him bruised. The Israeli troops extended their military attack by closing off and putting up check points on the main roads of the city. They also kidnapped tens of civilians and humiliated them. The Israeli army also searched numerous houses, including one belonging to Yaser Omaro which is located in the Hawoz area south of the city.