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The Israeli army continues to attack a village near Ramallah for the fourth day, while troops kidnap 10 civilians during dawn invasions, these stories and more coming up stay tuned.

The News Cast

The Israeli army continued its attacks targeting the villagers of Ni’lin near Ramallah city in the central part of the West Bank on Monday for the fourth day in a row.

Sources in the village reported that the Israeli army invaded the local girl’s school and used it as a military site adding that troops attacked local businesses and set fire to a local car. The sources added that the army shot tear gas at villagers homes, which caused several injures, among them a 4 day old baby.

On Monday midday a group of international supporters from the International Solidarity Movement – ISM along with villagers from Ni’lin and nearby villages tried to break the army siege and get food and medical supplies into the village, soldiers attacked them with tier gas and sound bombs, troops kidnapped three local activists.

On Sunday was the third day of curfew in Ni’lin. At around 11 am this morning, the villagers broke the curfew imposed by the Israeli forces. Clashes ensued. 17 have been injured; dozens more are suffered breathing problems from the teargas.

The Israeli army attacked and searched civilians’ homes in several West Bank cities and towns on Monday at dawn; during those attacked at least 10 Palestinian civilians were kidnapped by the army.

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli sources reported on Monday midday that a Palestinian home made shell struck open areas near the Karen A border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel causing no damage or injures. The sources pointed out that the Israeli army has asked the Israeli government to allow quick military response to every home made shell fired at Israeli areas from Gaza.

Israel and Hamas have reached a truce deal mediated by Egypt last month, in which Hamas will stop home made shell fire from Gaza, while Israel will end the 12 month long siege and attacks on Gaza.


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