Ahrar Center For Detainees Studies and Human Rights reported on Monday that detainee Rabee' Harb, 27, is facing slow death in Israeli prisons, and voiced an urgent appeal for his immediate release in order to receive the needed medical treatment.

The Center reported that Harb was shot and injured by the Israeli forces, the injury caused paralysis. He was shot in his spine before he was kidnapped by the army, and is currently at the Al Ramla prison hospital which lacks the basic medical equipment.

The Center also stated that the health condition of Harb is gradually deteriorating as bullet fragments shattered his spine and also penetrated his kidney and shattered his bowels.  

He is currently isolated at the hospital as he also suffers from a viral infection.    

Fuad Al Khuffash, a researcher and the head of the Ahrar Center, stated that Harb is not receiving the needed medical attention and treatment, and added that all what Harb is receiving are some painkilling pills.

l Khuffash added that there are thirty detainees hospitalized at Al Ramla Prison Hospital and are not receiving the needed medical attention and treatment.