A senior source in Syria told Al Hayat newspaper on Monday that Khalid Mashal, Hamas’ political bureau chief, handed Egyptian officials a document which sets the basis for internal talks with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.

The source added that Syria, as the current head for the Arab Summit, is seeking to arrange a meeting between Abbas and Mashal in order to set the basis for fundamental talks. When set, the meeting would be followed by another meeting with Fateh parliamentarian bloc head, Azzam Al Ahmad, who intends to visit Syria.

One of the proposed steps is a meeting which could take place between Abbas and Mashal or a meeting organized by Syria to include all factions, including Hamas.

Also, Syria is currently stressing on the importance of holding a meeting between Abbas and Mashal but wants this meeting to be fundamental in order to discuss the core issues which could end the conflict between Hamas and Fateh.

On his side, Mashal told Syrian officials after handing them the document that this paper is considered the position of Hamas regarding talks with Abbas.

The Al Hayat newspaper reported that the document includes two sections. The first section, “Basis for National Reconciliation”, includes nine bases:

1- The unity of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

2- The unity of the political system; one Authority, one government.

3- Respecting the democratic choice and its results.

4- Respecting the Palestinian legitimacy.

5- Respecting the Palestinian basic law.

6- Rebuilding security devices on a national and professional basis.

7- Commitment to the Mecca and Cairo unity deals.

8- Reforming the Palestinian Liberation Organization to include all factions in Palestine and in exile.

9- Commitment to resisting the occupation until liberation.

The second section of the document contains the basis for a transitional period which will be used to achieve national reconciliation.

The Hamas movement is suggesting the formation of a transitional unity government and resolving all issues that caused internal clashes and divisions. The movement is also proposing presidential and legislative elections based on mechanisms which should be agreed upon during internal talks.

Hamas wants the reformation of security devices and the reformation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Sources in Hamas stated on Monday that delegates of the movement will head to Egypt by the end of this week in order to hold talks with Egypt’s Intelligence Chief, Omar Suleiman. The talks will focus on the opening of the Rafah Terminal as agreed upon during truce talks.