Mohammad Naser, media spokesperson of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) in Khan Younis district in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, stated on Monday that internal divisions and conflicts have weakened the Palestinian stance and encouraged Israel to continue its offensives and siege in the Gaza Strip. Naser added that the Israeli occupation is ongoing with it assassinations, land grab, and unjust siege, and that it is encouraged by the internal Palestinian conflicts.

“We need to end these divisions, this is a national demand and the only means to end our current crises”, Nasser stated, “We at the DFLP welcome that speech of President Mahmoud Abbas in which he called for a comprehensive dialog, we consider this speech as marking the beginning of national talks which include all factions, especially those who signed the Cairo agreement and the National Unity Agreement”.

Also, Naser said that the internal conflict and the attempt to divide power will only lead to more divisions and tension, and added that tension just brings more destruction and misery to the people.

He stated that all initiatives that are not based on national dialog will fail. “What is needed now is a comprehensive national dialog”, Naser added, “The biggest winner of internal unrest is the occupation, and the biggest loser is the Palestinian people”.

At the end of his statement, Naser said that he hopes that the upcoming period will lead to a comprehensive national agreement far from external intervention and pressure.