Member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Jamil Mizhir, called for reconsidering the truce agreement which was sponsored by Egypt between Hamas and Israel, and stated that the situation in Gaza remained unchanged as the siege continued, the borders remained closed and the occupation repeatedly violated the truce.

Mizhir added that the Israeli occupation is using this truce deal in order to continue its attacks in the occupied West Bank.

“We should reconsider the issue of truce, Egypt must practice pressure on Israel to end its violations”, Mizhir said, “Israel did not open the crossings except for the entry of basic goods, it did not increase the amount of goods that should be allowed through the crossing as stated by the truce deal”.

He also said that Israel did not allow the entry of materials needed to ensure factories are operating and thousands of workers are actually employed.

Commenting on the ongoing closure of the Rafah Border Terminal, Mizhir said that the suffering of the Palestinian people is increasing, and the people are still deprived from their basic rights, such as the freedom of movement.

“What is the use of this truce if Israel does not implement the basic conditions of the deal”, he added, “our students are still barred from traveling, patients are still stuck in Gaza”.

Referring to the role of Egypt, Mizhir said that Egypt is Prenticing efforts but Israel is still violating the deal and is ongoing in its aggression against the Palestinian people.

Mizhir also said that he hopes that internal Palestinian talks will pave the way to ending the conflict and said that he hopes that the visit of Abbas to Syria will have positive effects in the resumption of internal talks.

He added that the PFLP and other factions are practicing their utmost efforts to achieve national unity, and said that the PFLP met with leaders of Hamas and Fateh and provided them with names of political prisoners held by Hamas in Gaza and Fateh in the West Bank, and called for their release.

He added that releasing the prisoners will cause a breakthrough in the internal talks and could lead to positive outcomes.