The National and International Department at the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) called on the various international peace groups and the Arab countries to act in order to achieve the implantation of the International Court of Justice advisory ruling which ruled that the Israeli Annexation Wall is illegal.

The department added that the wall must be demolished and the Palestinians who are affected by it must be compensated.

It its statement, the department said that “on the fourth anniversary of the ruling of the International Court of Justice in Lahai, the Palestinians must achieve their rights, as this ruling exposed the occupation policies which violate all international laws and regulations”.

The department also stated that Israel is ongoing with its violations against the Palestinian people and insists to ignore the international legitimacy by practicing crimes against the Palestinians in Nablus, Gaza and all of the Palestinians territories.

It added that the Palestinians are determined to establish the independent state in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem as their capital.

 “This is based on the resolutions of the United Nations, and different Arab summits, this is based on the positions of the friends and supporters of justice and peace around the globe”, the department added.

Furthermore, the  department said that the occupation imposed curfew on Bil’in village near Ramallah since five days and that this curfew is still ongoing in an attempt to bar the residents and their supporters from protesting against the illegal Wall.

It also welcomed the enormous efforts of international and Israeli peace activists, and the efforts of peace groups in Israel in resisting the settlements and the Wall in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in Jerusalem.