The Israeli army killed early on Thursday morning a Palestinian resident in the southern Gaza Strip, the first Palestinian causality since Israel and Palestinian resistance factions agreed to ceasefire three weeks ago. Israeli army confirmed that the soldiers, manning the Kussofim commercial crossing in southern Gaza Strip spotted and shot dead a Palestinian man this morning. The areas adjacent to the crossing are farm lands that are inhabited by dozens of Palestinian farmers. Palestinian medical sources confirmed that the Israeli occupation troops informed the medical crews about the causality, and that there was coordination to transfer the corpse. This causality is the first since the ruling Hamas party and Israel agreed to a ceasefire deal on June 19, 2008. Israel has recently informed the Egyptian mediators who brokered the ceasefire that the army would shoot at any moving object happens to be 300 meters away from border lines with Gaza. Meanwhile, each party continues to point fingers at the other as the violator of the ceasefire, as many analysts suggest that this truce deal is fragile and will not last long.