The Israeli army demolished two Palestinian-owned homes and kidnapped seven civilians during separate attacks targeting the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday.

Israeli forces surrounded two homes that belong to Karamah family located in Hebron city center on Thursday morning. Witnesses said that troops forced the family out then demolished the two homes. Ied Karamah told reporters that the Israeli army sounded his brothers homes and his mother’s. Troops asked the family to leave the homes then opened fire at them, he said.

The two homes which house more that 20 people were demolished; in addition Mohamed Karamah was taken by the soldiers to an unknown location. During the attack Ied said that his mom Mirfat sustained bruises and had to be moved to the hospital along with another family member after the soldiers attacked them.

The army gave no reason for the attack.

Earlier on Thursday at dawn the Israeli army attacked and searched a number of homes in down town Hebron, during the search the army kidnapped six civilian men and took them to unknown detention camps. Local sources in the city reported that the soldiers damaged the homes they searched in addition to one car.