The Popular Committee Against the Siege reported on Wednesday that Israel barred the entry of fuel and also barred for three days the entry of cement used for constructions. The Israeli authorities did not give any explanation for their decision. 

The committees stated that regardless of the declared truce, border crossing are not fully operating, and the amounts of goods allowed through are insufficient especially since Israel reduced the amounts instead of increasing them.

The committees also said that Israel is barring the entry of industrial equipment which obstructed the work of several factories.

Head of the Popular Committee, legislator Jamal Al Khudary, stated that the current situation in Gaza does not indicate the there will be a real improvement in the near future. He also said that the situation on the crossing is still bad.

He added that the Palestinians are not seeing any improvement in the social, health, humanitarian and economical conditions, and added that factories, industrial facilities and the trade sector in Gaza are still suffering from the siege.

Al Khudary added that the Israeli occupation is showing a lack of interest in easing the restrictions on the crossings and is still imposing collective punishment on the residents.