In a letter that was leaked on Wednesday from the Majeddo Israeli prison, the detainees stated that Israeli soldiers broke into the prison and attacked them with batons and clubs. Thirteen detainees were wounded and suffered concussions and bruises.

The detainees said that the soldiers broke into their rooms and violently attacked them without any explanation.

They also stated that there were also attacked several days ago after the soldiers broke into section 9 of the detention facility and used water hoses, clubs and batons against the detainees after claiming that they refused to stand in front of the prison warden to be counted and searched.

The administration placed five detainees in solitary confinement and imposed high fines on five other detainees after claiming that they violated the instructions of the prison administration.

In a related issue, Azmi Shiokhy, secretary-general of the Popular Committees reported that there are 78 female detainees and approximately 10,000 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel. The detainees are facing very bad living conditions, lack the needed bathing water, deprived from medical attention and facing ongoing attacks by the soldiers and some Israeli prisoners who are imprisoned for criminal offensives.

The detainees are not provided with sufficient amounts of food, and in many cases their food was found to be unfit for human consumption.