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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday July 23rd, 2008.

The Israeli army injures a Palestinian civilian in Gaza and runs-over a Palestinian child in the West Bank, these stories and more coming up stay tuned.

The News cast

In the Gaza Strip, The Israeli army shot a Palestinian on Wednesday midday from a nearby Israeli military zone located on the northern borders of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported that Israeli troops opened fire at the 25 year old Abed Hamdan causing the injury of his foot and he was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

The Israeli army fire today came following an Israeli decision two weeks ago to shoot at any moving object just 300 meters away from the border fence.

On Wednesday in the West Bank, Israeli troops attacked Hebron City, searched and ransacked several homes and kidnapped the 24 year old Samih al Sharbati.

Also in Hebron, an Israeli military vehicle ran over a six year old boy, he was critically injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, a group of 20 Israeli settlers attacked a house in Boreen village in the southern part of Nablus city and injured the residents of the house. Boreen has been attacked by settler’s home-made shells earlier this week.

Continuing our daily coverage, in the central West Bank of Ramallah, a group of 200 women staged a peaceful protest against the apartheid separation wall being constructed on Palestinian lands in Nillin village near of Ramallah .

The Israeli army didn’t allow this protest to arrive at the wall construction site; soldiers shot tear gas and sound bombs and rubber-coated bullets at the protesters and beat some of them causing the injury of 3 civilians.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army invaded Qiffin village north of the West Bank city of Tulkarem and kidnapped one civilian.

On a separate issue, Border police officer Lance Corporal David Shriki, who was critically wounded in the shooting attack near the Lions’Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem 12 days ago, died of his wounds on Wednesday at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in the capital Jerusalem.


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