A car explosion in Gaza city killed three Hamas fighters and wounded 20 other people on Friday evening.

Palestinian medical sources said that Ammar Mossabeh, Iyad Alhaiya and Nedal Almobayeid, were killed and 20 other people were wounded in a mysterious car explosion in Gaza city.

Palestinain security sources in the Hamas-led government said that the blast occurred on the coastal road of Gaza city as the car, containing the three victims, was driving near a local Cafeteria on the Gaza coastal road west of Gaza city.

A spokesman for the Hamas interior ministry said the reasons for the blast remain unclear yet he pledged that the police will start thorough investigations into the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice very soon.

The Alqassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, accused the Fatah party of targeting a school trip convoy on the coastal road.

As of Friday, two other blasts ripped through the Gaza city, one targeted the house of Hamas MP, Marwan Abu Ras, with no casualities reported and the other damaged a café shop , with one person reportedly killed.

The three explosions come amidst a shaky ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian resistance factions involving the ruling Hamas party. The factions and Israel have pointed finger at each other as breaching of the ceasefire, which came into effect on June 19, 2008.