The Arabs48 news website reported on Tuesday at night that a Palestinian child was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers who violently attacked and opened fire at a non-violent protest against the Annexation Wall in the village. At least twenty residents were wounded.

Eyewitnesses reported that Ahmad Mousa, 11, was shot in his head and died at the Ramallah governmental hospital. He was shot during evening hours.

Mohammad Al Khawaja, one of the residents of the village, stated that hundreds of residents conducted peaceful protests against the Wall and were surrounded by the soldiers who fired rounds of live ammunition and gas bombs.

Several residents were wounded, some moderately, medical sources reported.

Israeli sources said that two soldiers were mildly wounded.

10 non-violent protesters injured in protest against the wall in Ni’llin village

Rula Shahwan, IMEMC News, Tue, 29 Jul 2008 16:26:57

Local sources reported that 10 non violent protesters against the illegal wall were injured during clashes with the Israeli army in Nil'in village south of the west bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday midday.

Local sources also added that the Israeli army attacked the protesters in order to stop the protest which took place near the illegal wall on the village lands.

Medical sources reported that 3 protesters were moderately injured, 7 slightly in addition to the injury of 2 Israeli soldiers during the clashes. Locals reported that the army kidnapped Muhammad Abed Al-Kader From the local popular committee against the wall and settlement construction.