The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported on Thursday that a 3-month old infant from Deir Al Balah town, in the central Gaza Strip, died of a heart disease as the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip emptied the hospital in the coastal region from the basic medical supplies and equipment.

The infant was identified as Ahmad Eid Abu Amra, 3 months, he was born with a heart condition. With his death the number of patients who died due to the siege in Gaza in July arrives to twenty, including five children. At least 220 patients died since the beginning of the siege.

The Ministry reported that the infant is the 26th casualty since the truce deal with Israel was achieved more than 42 days ago.

The Ministry stated that the Israeli occupation is not committed to the truce deal especially the sections regarding opening the border crossings in the Gaza Strip in order to enable the residents, especially the patients, to be able to leave the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry slammed the Arab and International silence while the Gaza Strip sinks in poverty and the patients are dying. It also stated its holds the International Community responsible for the situation in Gaza as it failed to stop the Israeli violations against the civilians.

It voiced an appeal to the World Health Organization and different human rights groups to intervene and end the siege imposed on Gaza.