The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) slammed Hamas and Fateh for their ongoing arrests campaigns against each other in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. On Thursday at night, Hamas arrested several members and leaders of Fateh movement in the Gaza Strip and Fateh arrested leaders and members of Hamas in the West Bank. A senior official at the PFLP stated that these arrests campaigns prove that the authority of Hamas in Gaza and the authority of Fateh in the West Bank have crossed all red lines and are ongoing with their violations against public freedoms and against national relations.

An official statement issued by the PFLP stated that only slamming these violations and the illegal measures became useless and called for national protests against these violations.

The Font added that these practices only serve the interests of the occupation and harm the Palestinian national struggle.

Fateh movement said on Friday that Hamas forces arrested several leaders of Fateh including Dr. Zakariyya Al Agha, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Ibrahim Abu Al Naja, member of the Higher Committee of Fateh movement in Gaza, Dr. Abdullah Abu Samahdana, governor of the Central District in Gaza, Dr. Osama Al Farra, governor of Khan Younis, and several other leaders of Fateh in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Hamas movement said that Fateh security forces in the West Bank arrested Sheikh Riyadh Al Walweel, one of the prominent leaders of the movement who was recently released from an Israeli detention facility, Dr. Mohammad Al Masry and several other members and leaders of the movement.

Hamas also said that Al Walweel was arrested seven times by the Fateh security forces over the past two months, and survived an assassination attempt carried out by Fateh gunmen, according to Hamas.   

Hamas also arrested dozens of Fate members and supporters in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas media spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, stated that the arrests in Gaza are a temporary measure that the security forces had to take in order to ease the tension.